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Episode 4

Unscripted and Unconventional: Raw Talks With Ken Goodrich

In Episode 4 of Born For The Trades, we sit down with Ken Goodrich, an industry leader with decades of experience in the home services industry. As the CEO of Goettl Air Conditioning, Ken has transformed the family business into a successful and innovative company that serves thousands of customers across several states.

In this unscripted and unconventional conversation, Ken shares his insights on the future of the industry, the impact of AI, and the importance of Emotional Intelligence. He discusses his predictions for how technology will continue to shape the industry and how companies can adapt and stay ahead of the curve.

One of the most interesting topics covered in the episode is AI and its impact on the home services industry. Ken acknowledges the potential benefits of AI, such as increased efficiency and accuracy in diagnosing problems, but he also cautions against relying too heavily on AI and losing the human touch that is so important in the industry. He emphasizes the importance of Emotional Intelligence, which involves understanding and managing emotions in oneself and others, as a crucial skill for industry leaders and technicians alike.

Throughout the episode, Ken also shares his inspiring story about Goettl and the challenges he faced in turning the business around. He provides valuable insights on how to manage and grow a business, emphasizing the importance of building a strong team and being willing to take risks.

Overall, Episode 4 of Born For The Trades is a must-listen for anyone looking to stay ahead in the competitive home services industry. With Ken’s wealth of experience and insights, listeners will gain valuable knowledge and strategies for success.