Exploring the Journey to Plumbing Excellence With Mike Prencavage Jr.

Episode 27

From Plumbing Legacy to Leadership: Mike Prencavage Jr.’s Journey


In this episode of “Born for the Trades – A Home Service Podcast,” we had the privilege of speaking with Mike Prencavage Jr., the owner of The Family Plumber. Mike’s journey is a testament to the enduring legacy of plumbing expertise and community leadership. As a former President of PHCC Orange County and a Board of Director for PHCC National Business Development, Mike has played pivotal roles in shaping the plumbing industry. Join us as we delve into Mike’s inspiring story and gain insights into the future of plumbing.

Discovering His Calling

Mike shared his remarkable journey, which began by following in his father’s footsteps in the family plumbing business. He recounted how he found his passion for plumbing and ultimately took on a leadership role in The Family Plumber. This journey not only honored his family’s legacy but also brought success to his community.

Community Impact

As the former President of PHCC Orange County, Mike highlighted several impactful initiatives aimed at supporting the local plumbing community. He discussed how he contributed to a remarkable 153% growth in local membership, fostering a stronger, more united industry presence.

National Advocacy

Mike’s involvement as a Board of Director for PHCC National Business Development came under the spotlight. He explained the vital role of this organization in benefitting plumbing businesses on a national scale. Their efforts to provide resources, education, and advocacy were key to helping plumbing companies thrive.

Inspiring Future Plumbers

Mike emphasized the importance of attracting young talent to the plumbing industry. He shared strategies that have been successful in his community, such as outreach programs and mentorship opportunities. His passion for showing young people that plumbing is a promising career option shone through.

The Future of Plumbing

In keeping up with the latest plumbing advancements, Mike offered insights into the future of plumbing. He discussed how technology is rapidly evolving and how businesses need to adapt to stay competitive. From smart plumbing systems to sustainable practices, he highlighted the areas where the industry is heading.


Mike Prencavage Jr.’s journey from plumbing legacy to leadership is an inspiring example of dedication and passion. His contributions to the plumbing community, both locally and nationally, are paving the way for a brighter future in the trades. This episode of “Born for the Trades – A Home Service Podcast” serves as a testament to the limitless possibilities within the plumbing industry, thanks to leaders like Mike Prencavage Jr.