Empowering Technicians: Driving ROI through Memberships With Jack Pinsel - Home Service Podcast

Episode 16

Driving ROI and Empowering Technicians through Memberships

Welcome to Episode 16 of “Born For the Trades – a Home Service Podcast“. In this episode, we are delighted to have Jack Pinsel, a resilient entrepreneur and the founder of Hail 911 & Elite C@ll, join us. With impressive growth and industry recognition, Jack has made a significant impact in the call center industry. In fact, Hail 911 was recognized as the vendor of the year in the construction & solar industry in 2023.

Jack’s journey is an inspiring one, as he transitioned from the mortgage industry to storm restoration and focused on the home service industry with Elite C@ll. We delve into the reasons behind this transition and the motivation that drove him to carve a niche in the home service sector.

But Jack’s story isn’t without its challenges. He experienced a setback in 2008, losing everything. However, he bounced back and learned valuable lessons along the way. Jack shares his experiences and the insights gained from that difficult period.

One of the remarkable aspects of Elite C@ll is the strong company culture Jack has cultivated within the call center. We explore the key factors that contribute to this positive culture and how it empowers technicians and drives ROI.

Elite C@ll stands out by helping home service companies throughout the year, not just during the shoulder season. Jack discusses how they achieve this and shares a success story of how they assisted an HVAC company during a season of mild weather.

As the vendor of the year in roofing and experiencing powerful growth in the home service lane, Jack reveals the key factors that have contributed to their success. He provides valuable insights for businesses striving to thrive in the industry.

Additionally, we touch on the challenges faced by internal CSR’s when it comes to outbound telemarketing and how Elite C@ll addresses these challenges.

Furthermore, we learn about the involvement of Jack’s wife and sons in the Elite C@ll team. Jack shares the challenges and rewards of having family members as part of the business.

Finally, Jack emphasizes the importance of maintaining a healthy balance between family and work. He often speaks at events about this topic, and we discuss why it is crucial for overall well-being and success.

Join us for this insightful episode as we explore Jack Pinsel’s journey, his industry expertise, and the valuable lessons he has learned along the way.