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Episode 53

Mastering Customer Connections: A Conversation with Elite Call, the Home Service Industry’s Out bounding Champion

In this exciting episode of “Born for the Trades,” we sit down with Jack Pinsel, CEO of Elite Call, and Lesli Rojas, Director of Client Services and Account Management at Elite Call, to delve into the secrets behind their success in the home service industry. Elite Call has rapidly emerged as a powerhouse in outbound calling, and today, Jack and Lesli share the strategies and philosophies that have propelled them to the top.

Jack Pinsel, an entrepreneur with a background in football and telemarketing, founded Elite Call in 2012, focusing on the home service industry. Despite early challenges, including gaining trust from long-established companies, Elite Call has seen tremendous growth, boasting a 150% increase in the last three years alone. Jack attributes much of this success to the strong culture he has cultivated, drawing on his experience as a sports coach to foster teamwork and group thinking.

Elite Call’s approach to outbound calling is distinctive. They emphasize the importance of training, quality assurance, and maintaining a dedicated team of agents based in the U.S. This ensures higher quality control and better employee commitment. Their agents undergo continuous training and quality assessments, ensuring every call meets Elite Call’s high standards.

The seamless integration of appointments into clients’ CRMs is another standout feature of Elite Call’s service. Jack and Lesli explain how this integration not only streamlines operations but also prevents overbooking, ensuring clients receive the best possible service. By keeping operations in-house, they maintain a high level of quality and dedication from their team.

Jack and Lesli also share a compelling success story of a client who expanded from a single branch to multiple states, with Elite Call managing all their telemarketing needs. This case study highlights the significant impact Elite Call can have on a client’s business, driving growth and enhancing customer experience.

Empathy and understanding are core to Elite Call’s communication approach. They focus on boosting membership value and maintaining strong customer relationships. Leveraging data and analytics, they continually optimize their calling strategies for better results. While AI plays a supportive role in training and analytics, Elite Call believes in the power of human touch for direct customer interactions.

For home service businesses looking to improve their call center operations, Jack and Lesli emphasize the importance of a committed QA team, consistent training, and hiring agents with the right personality. They view their role as an extension of their clients’ businesses, preparing them for increased inbound calls and ensuring seamless operations.

Looking to the future, Elite Call is preparing to integrate AI more deeply into their services, promising exciting developments in inbound solutions. Stay tuned to discover how Elite Call continues to innovate and lead in customer engagement.