Amanda Triolo on the Synergy of CXC, Service MVP, and HVAC Brilliance

Episode 38

Amanda Triolo on the Synergy of CXC, Service MVP, and HVAC Brilliance

Welcome to another episode of “Born for the Trades“, the podcast dedicated to inspiring and educating professionals in the home service industry. I’m your host, Mandeep Bhalla, joined by my insightful co-host, Shreya. Today, we’re thrilled to feature a special guest who’s a renowned figure in the home service industry, Amanda Triolo.

Amanda is the dynamic entrepreneur and owner of Grasshopper Heating & Cooling, and the brain behind the innovative CXC, an AI-powered Call-by-Call | Artificial Intelligence Powered Audio Analysis + Real-Time Coaching software. Her company recently joined forces with Service MVP and the renowned sales/service training expert Joe Crisara, marking a significant milestone in their journey.

In this episode, Amanda shares her fascinating journey in the HVAC industry, her experiences as a business owner, and her insights into the future of technology in the home service sector. Here’s a glimpse of the insightful conversation we had:

CXC and Innovation: Amanda delved into the inspiration behind CXC, explaining how AI-powered audio analysis and real-time coaching have revolutionized operations at Grasshopper Heating & Cooling. Her passion for innovation and improving customer experience shines through as she discusses the transformative impact of this technology.

Partnership with Service MVP: Our discussion then shifted to her collaboration with Service MVP. Amanda provided an in-depth look at how this partnership came about and the mutual benefits it has brought, emphasizing the importance of strategic collaborations in business growth.

Growth and Changes: Reflecting on the recent growth of Grasshopper Heating & Cooling, Amanda highlighted the specific changes and developments within her company over the past year. Her insights offer valuable lessons on managing growth and adapting to change in a dynamic industry.

Industry Challenges: The HVAC industry is not without its challenges. Amanda discussed these hurdles and how innovative technologies like CXC can be pivotal in addressing them, offering a glimpse into the future of the industry.

Joe Crisara’s Impact: Amanda spoke highly of Joe Crisara’s influence on her team, detailing how his expertise in sales and service training has significantly improved their performance and success.

Customer Experience: One of the key focuses of our conversation was the impact of AI and real-time coaching on customer experience. Amanda shared examples of how these technologies have enhanced customer satisfaction, a core value for her business.

Lessons Learned: As an entrepreneur, Amanda shared valuable lessons she’s learned, particularly in implementing new technologies and navigating partnerships. Her experiences serve as a guide for other entrepreneurs in the industry.

Future Plans: Looking forward, Amanda discussed the future plans for Grasshopper Heating & Cooling, especially her vision for the role of technology in shaping the HVAC industry.

Advice for Entrepreneurs: Lastly, Amanda offered her advice to aspiring entrepreneurs in the HVAC and technology space, drawing from her own experiences and the success of her business.

This episode is not just a deep dive into the life of a successful entrepreneur; it’s a treasure trove of insights, experiences, and advice for anyone in the home service industry. Tune in to hear Amanda Triolo’s inspiring journey and her visionary approach to business and technology in the HVAC sector.